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Each year Emro organizes a three day conference in one of the countries that their members are active in, and this year it was taking place in Stockholm, Sweden. EMRO has 22 countries as members from Europe, South Africa and Morocco. For this particular event we were expecting seventy guests to arrive.


Our task was to create a profitable three day conference, including accommodation, transportation, dining, sightseeing and entertainment for the participants. We were hired to arrange all the details, to be present at the events and to make sure everything ran smoothly.


We booked accommodation and conference at the center of the city, a beautiful location with a view over the waters of Stockholm. The hotel was also chosen due to their suitable meeting structure for this conference.

All logistic transportation, sightseeing, and dining were inspired by Sweden through all senses.

The guests went on a cruise through the beautiful archipelago. With a dinner prepared next to the spectacular Vasa ship in the Vasa museum, Swedish history was introduced. A live band jamming to ABBA songs throughout the evening was also a highlight.

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  • In 2015 the conference took place in Stockholm. Our local member suggested Arrangers as a partner for the organisation of the event. Although we involved Arrangers in a rather late stage of the preparations, their contribution was very important. There were several aspects in the way they operated that we valued very much: - Their creativity: the suggestions they had for the activities (the conference tour and gala dinner) were very much appreciated by the delegates - They made us feel very special: to arrange a tour in the Vasa museum in the evening (especially for us) and dinner next to the Vasa ship really was very special. We will remember this for many years. - They were in the background, but everything was arranged very precisely and went very smoothly (even in a situation when one of the busses got stuck in a tunnel J) - Also from the business point of view it was a pleasant cooperation: all the arrangements and commitments were met, no surprises afterwards. All in all, the conference in Stockholm was a success and Arrangers (to be more precise: Patric Fryckstrand) played a big role in achieving this.
 Best wishes

    Irena Petric

    President of EMRO,