International Myeloma foundation


International Myeloma foundation is the first and largest organization dedicated to improving the life of Myeloma patients, with members in 140 countries worldwide. We were honored to be asked for help to arrange the annual IMF summits, taking place in Stockholm/ Sweden June 2018.


Arrangers DMC´s mission was to find the right venues for 2 summits, with different needs and requirements. Both groups (170 + 60 attendees) were staying for approximately one week in Stockholm and needed accommodation, conference rooms, breakout rooms and room for filming/ interviews. Special AV/ technique were needed for the filming, meetings and the award dinner. Attendees needed transportation logistics, dinner arrangements and one award dinner on a special location. Print items for all events had to be ordered and hostesses and a project leader onsite for assistance during the summits was also required.


At an early stage, venue presentations were made for the client, to find the right venues. A site inspection in Stockholm was booked at the chosen venues, event locations with AV, printer and restaurants to go through more details and needs onsite. Arrangers DMC was the contact for all suppliers involved in Sweden from the start until the end for the total arrangement. A work structure was made with clear responsibilities. The right people were in contact and knew their task for an effective work process until the day of the client’s arrival. With our local knowledge and to make the attendees stay in Stockholm remarkable, venues with spectacular views and boat transportations to see the unique archipelago along the way were booked. To make the guests enjoy the scenery in Stockholm for a moment between meetings. It was a pleasure to work with our client IMF. Thank you for a great collaboration to arrange these meetings in Stockholm 2018!

  • It was a great pleasure to work with Arrangers for both our Summits in 2018 Stockholm! They took great care to understand the details and needs of our meetings. They selected the best vendors to work on our Summit and ensure all the information shared between the vendors and venues was accurate. They also kept a close eye on costs, always making us aware of an increase in cost or an area where we could make adjustments to lower a cost. We truly look forward to returning to Stockholm to work with Arrangers in the future!