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  • Henrik Trygg/


Some of Scanias paying customers were invited to Stockholm for a tour of the city but more importantly to test drive different trucks made by Scania.


Our job was to make sure that the forty guests arriving had a pleasant visit to Stockholm with both sightseeing and activities. We figured that a nice look over Stockholm's archipelago would be appreciated and what better way to do so then with a helicopter. The tricky part was how they were going to manage to see it all in one day!


We chartered helicopters and a sea plane as transfer and they departed from a close location near Scanias Driving range just outside of Stockholm. Upon arrival to the island where lunch was arranged they were served aperitifs and lunch inspired by our Swedish flavors. They were also taken on a historic excursion before transferred into the city. By RIB- and combat boats they got a unique transport and nature experience when passing all the attractions Stockholm has to offer. At last they were dropped off in the city within walking distance to their stay for the night.

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