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Despite short notice we got the inquiry to arrange full ground service for a management team traveling to several destinations in Sweden for supplier meetings. Their wish was to experience Sweden in between work. 


To manage a full service itinerary with the plan to introduce Sweden to the fifteen guests arriving with their spouses. A five day schedule including air shuttle, exclusive accommodation, conference, meetings, transportation, activities and dining with an arrival in Gothenburg and departure from Stockholm.


With different destinations in Sweden logistic transportation were made, and the pickup started from the airport in Gothenburg. Their first accommodation was booked with an incredible view at the towers of Gothenburg, before travelling east towards Linköping with a central stay at a 4 star hotel. During organized conferences and meetings with suppliers, their partners were enjoying different museums, guided tours, shopping trips and other fun activities. Their last stop in Stockholm had a central accommodation just next to the water with a sea view. A visit to the historical Vasa museum took place, and later on they were picked up by boat to enjoy the rest of the evening in the stunning archipelago of Stockholm. Before leaving Sweden they were served lunch with a typical Swedish touch while enjoying an urban city view at one of Stockholm’s most popular restaurants. In the end, our clients were happy with their stay and we were very pleased to have had a part in that.

  • Arrangers organized on short notice a successful staying, with high flexibility at ongoing changes in the schedule that was necessary to get a successful arrangement. Good attitude and understanding of what we wanted. Based on the premise and short notice from our side, we were very pleased with the information. Ongoing contact with Arrangers worked excellent. A lot of traveling by bus and various activities at the clients, as well as dining and sightseeing in Stockholm, worked excellent.