Green Venues

In both the northern and southern parts of Sweden you will find amazing variation of nature experiences and with the right of public access, you can wander freely through the landscape.

In the south you will discover the mile-long yellow fields filled with flowers and grains. The landscape is flat and offers fantastic sandy white beaches and rocky sea baths to enjoy. Let’s not forget the seafood that is to die for!

The north has a colder climate with beautiful landscapes. You have to stay warm! So it is great that there are so many exciting activities to take part in. Hiking in the mountains, dog sledding through the fantastic forest, go downhill or cross country skiing.

Depending of what time of year, you might get the chance to see midnight sun or the northern lights, also called aurora boreal. What you can do all year is to meet the native Scandinavian Sami people or go for a real nature experience in the forest to see the majestic moose.